Inspired by Her | Krizstina Paskuly

Inspired by Her | Krizstina Paskuly

May 12, 2017

Meet Krisztina Paskuly, a women with impeccable taste in all things modern and minimal. We became friendly through Instagram, the first month TELEGRAPH AVE launched in the Fall of ‘15. I was a big fan of her photography and super impressed by her taste in home decor. Not long after we became “In Real Life” friends and haven’t looked back. In fact, it is in Krisztina’s home with her amazing family that Mara and I stay during our monthly trips to LA.

The bonus is that I have beautiful images of our children making memories together!

  1. What sparked your interest in Kids Fashion?

When I gave birth to Liam nine years ago, kids' fashion was way different and really hard to find good quality and unique clothes. I literally had to hunt down some good finds. When my second boy was born 3 years ago, I was introduced to Instagram and discovered all the amazing kids fashion. I always dreamt of my kids having the same quality materials and cool designs as I had. That is is one of the reasons why I love Telegraph Ave!

  1. What’s your favorite quote/mantra that you live by?

I only expect from you what you can expect from me. 

  1. What is the biggest lesson you have learned since you started your business?

I worked from the age of 14, but one I got married and had children it became challenging. Trying balance a career while raising small children wasn’t feasible. So I ended up choosing my family over career. Putting my professional business aside was the right decision for our family, yet I get to live out my passion for photography through them. Making decisions that are best for them is a priority. 

  1. What advice would you give to aspiring women entering the industry?

Be humble, always try to advance yourself, work hard, and try to learn from the more experienced peers around you. These are the steps I am trying to follow myself. I also ask a lot of questions when I am in the presence of people whom I look up to in the industry.

  1. What’s the next big step for your business? What can we expect to see in the near future?

I am not quite sure what the future holds for me, but both my boys will be in school full time starting in September so I will have a lot more free time to concentrate on my business. As for now I just enjoy taking pictures as much as I can. 


xo Aman

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